Monday, July 8, 2013

Tyler and Catelynn's UPDATE On Carly!

The former MTV Teen Mom couple recently received new pictures of their daughter
carly from her adoptive parents!
Who do you think she looks more like Tyler or Catelynn?


  1. She is beautiful!!!

  2. She's adorable, but come on... she's not "their daughter", & the people raising her since the day she was born are her parents, not her "adoptive parents".

  3. I think she looks just like Tyler..She is so pretty...:-)

  4. she is very beautiful looks alot like tyler but Norma is right tyler and catelynn signed there rights off to carly so there not even parents so they need to stop calling Teresa and her husband the adopted parents cause those two where there for carly since day one sad to say kids now adays need to be more smart so they dont have to make a decision like this if tyler and catelynn were alot older they would of been carlys one and only family but there not there just carlys biological mom and dad but they dont have any rights to carly so i would just call Teresa and her husband her real parents

  5. She looks like both Tyler and Catelynn. She holds her mouth like catelynn but you can see tyler in her eyes. And as far as the parent thing goes, they have an open adoption so basically she can have 2 sets of parents and tyler and catelynn gave her up so that she could have a better life than they could provide at the time, because neither of their situation was a good one to bring Carly into. Hence why they wanted an open adoption not a closed one to where they would never be able to see an update on carly.

  6. She has biological and adoptive parents. The term "real" is where things get hairy for some people. I say just keep it factual, instead of trying to say who it is more morally correct to refer to as her "real" parents. We could all probably stand to call Brandon and Theresa her "parents," but sometimes for people who don't know the whole story, the terms biological and adoptive can be helpful.

    She is just beautiful. She looks so much like Tyler, but the shape of her head and some of her proportions are Catelynn.


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